Full color business card printing

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In an increasingly crowded world you need to pull all the strings to look professional. A dab of color makes a big difference, and, unless you don’t need any more clients, why not spruce up your old business card.

How to prepare for full color business cards?

You don’t need to worry if you use our online designer.  Start by perusing our free business card designs. You can also upload your design inside the online designer, and the proper dimensions will be adjusted for you. Upload a photo, a complete design or just your logo.

For those wishing to design using Photoshop or another drawing program we suggest to download one of our templates (you can find them here .Please scroll down a bit). All templates are set to the correct dimensions. Look at them as your blank canvas. Make sure you respect the cutting area and keep all pertinent information inside the save area. Design guides are already present when opening our files with Photoshop.

Here are a few steps you need to follow for a successful print:

  1. Use the online designer which will prepare your files to the proper dimensions. Pick a design and simply modify to your needs.
  2. If you prefer to prepare your own files make sure your canvas is set to 1088 px wide by 638px high for horizontal and 638 px by 1088 px high for vertical designs. Before your final output make sure you to set color mode to CMYK.
  3. Save your file as JPG and ensure to check ICC Profile as the save option. Store in a location for later upload.
  4. Upload your design. Either use the online designer to position and save your design or simply upload using the online upload feature. You can also email your design if you wish.

Remax realtor full color business card

Can I print on colored paper?

The short answer, our prints always start out with white crisp paper. Since we print in a full color process any color paper can be simulated. For a deep red paper we simply apply 15% cyan, 100% magenta, 90% yellow and 10% black or whatever your favorite shade is. Now you would assume white ink is used to apply white text on top of the red. Not true, we simply don’t print the red color where white text needs to be.

Full color business card printing advantages?

In a full color printing process tiny droplets of color are transferred from the printing plate to the paper. This is called offset printing. For shorter runs we employ our digital full color printing press. No matter the process, a high degree of color fidelity can be achieved, giving you wonderful full color rendition. Feel free to add a photo of yourself to your design. Not only will you be memorable but look professional. Last but not least, a logo in color looks just beautiful. Gone are the days of boring, stuffy outdated black and white business cards. Full color business card printing makes it possible at prices unheard of a few years ago.

UV (gloss) coating or not?

UV is a varnish applied post printing. It is cured using UV light, hence the name UV coating.
Naturally this is a personal decision. Here are some of the advantages of UV coating your full color business cards.

  • Color “pop” much more. All primary colors will look more intense. Compare a glossy magazine to a newspaper.
  • Smutch resistance.
  • Smooth feeling to the touch
  • More resistant to humidity

Advantages of NOT UV coating your full color business cards

  • Leaves the paper suitable to jot down notes.
  • May look more earthy and natural
  • For those times when pastel colors should not be too “loud”.

If you are not sure, print the front of your full color business card glossy and the back matte. Now you’ll have both worlds at no extra cost.

What about bleed?

If you wish to have your design bleed (go beyond the cutting area) simply make sure you move your design elements beyond the cutting guidelines. Photos, boxes, frames, text and other graphic elements placed right on the cutting edge might not be trimmed properly and show white unprinted paper.

What about spot UV (gloss) on my full color business cards?

Spot UV or sometimes referred to varnish.  UV comes from the ultraviolet light used to instantly cure the varnish. Spot UV requires an additional black and white file. Let’s say you’d like a glossy finish cover your logo and the company name. You would need to supply a black and white file defining where we need to apply the glossy UV coating. A file is required for each side of the business card. Apply silk coating to really spruce up your full color business card.  After printing a smooth silk laminate is applied over the entire business card. We then follow with an additional layer of UV for your spots. Since the underlying layer is already sealing the paper a strong gloss is achieved.  Let us prepare or design your corporate business cards. There is just a small up prize for a strong impact of your full color business cards.

Full color business cards cost

In past years it was very expensive to print business cards in full color. Today however it’s very affordable. In fact, it makes hardly a price difference whether a print is completed in full color or black only.  Other solid colors, such as deep red are simulated by the additive process of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Full color business cards are simply the way to go and are expected by today’s standards. Have a look at some of the full color business card pricing, shipping included.

Paper thickness?

We highly suggest 16pt paper for your corporate business cards. Too thin feels flimsy in once hands. To heavy and you carry a pocket full of bulky business cards. Therefore, 16pt is the perfect middle ground. UV (gloss) coated cards feel a bit thicker than matte. Also, silk laminated cards give the impression of a more sturdy finish. You are surely aware of how important your first impression is for your business. Cards are the door openers you need. Peruse the stack of business cards you received from business associates. Which one “talks to you”? Try to aim or surpass the design finish and quality.

How many full color business cards should I order?

Costly is machine setup and plating. Therefore, once the machine runs your quantity cost will go down. Be on the lookout for our incredibly low 5000 quantity. Naturally, you should not order way too many full color business cards. On the other hand, don’t get stranded without your valuable sales tool. We suggest a minimum of 500. The price difference is negligible and far out ways being stuck in an embarrassing scenario. You never want to hear yourself saying: “Sorry, I ran out of business cards”. Also, depending on the industry you might adjust order quantity. Relators for instance usually print large quantities due to the nature of the business. So do handyman, gardeners, Bed & breakfast, florist etc. If you are an engineer with a handful of important clients you might need a smaller quantity of cards. Business is a fickle thing and every scenario that is in your control you don’t want to miss. Corporate, professional looking business cards are you smallest and very important investment into your business. Read up on who should have a business card.



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