Who should have a business card?

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Why buy a snow shovel in the summer? I consider it a small investment into the future. Being prepared makes you look sharp. So, let’s say you are a snow flurry technician aka snow shuffler, preparing for the season ahead. You might think such a mundane task does not require any print marketing (business card, postcard etc.). I beg to differ, a $30 dollar investment into a stack of business cards can easily translate from the cold white into the hard green [cash].

Wo needs a business card

Handyman? Well, if you ever needed the service of a jack-of-all-trades how comfortable would you feel when handed a phone number scribbled on a piece of sand paper? Yes, look at our gnarly designs. Incidentally we have a business card design in our online designer that when handed to you invokes a fuzzy feeling of trust. What if this crafty person also hands you a postcard with outlines of services and before and after pictures? Yes, you hand him/her the key to your house…eh…figuratively speaking.

You are a florist, a nutritionist or a contractor? Your passion needs to reflect on your business card. We are quick to criticize a cheaply printed vista card, so, let’s make it better.  Us our fast online designer that inspires creativity. Fast also means you can quickly zip back and forth from different online designs

You tutor? Handing a business card is certainly more practical than jotting your info on a scrap paper. While you are at it, hand out a few extras so your potential student could pass them along his/her friends needing your service as well.

You see, it really does not matter what profession or vocation you are in. There is something ritual about passing once business card. Also, you will linger much longer in someone’s mind because you handed something physical. We witnessed the disappearance of vinyl records and are amazed at its comeback. The other day I passed by Barnes & Nobel and to my surprise I saw freshly minted records from the Queens (and many other great artists), packaged in beautifully printed sleeves. The price? $34 and worth every penny. The business card never made a disappearance, but its presence is as important as ever. We humans simply like to touch and feel things. Kind of like a mnemonic bridge, a link back to you. Something electronic instant gratification can never provide.

What should be on your business card?
I believe in the less is more rule. Only include the pertinent information. Naturally your name and contact information. Include your credentials and certifications if it’s expected. The only space where I would splurge a bit is on the back of the corporate business card. Include a witty slogan, a calendar, a photo or anything that makes you memorable. With the use of an online designer you can easily customize your design.

So, if you want to be remembered for your business, service or event, make sure you have enough business cards in your pocket to make a memorable impression.

P.S. I noticed this question was also asked at quora. Please read our page on Freelance Business Cards. A great place to get started for entrepreneurs and freelancers.



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