What do Vinyl records and business cards have in common?

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Vinyl record sales are rising exponentially. In 2012, vinyl record stores sold around 4 million records in the United States alone. In 2017, sales topped 14.4 million, a trend that appears to be continuing in 2018 and beyond. Physical album sales of vinyl and CDs out-stripped digital downloads in the USA in 2017, according to the latest end of year report published by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Is there a numbness to digital content and the constant shower of media noise? Younger generations might have never experienced the Zen like experience of listening to vinyl. Akin to a Japanese tea ceremony there is a ritual. Perusing the collection with your index finger. Smelling the printed sleeve. Cradle the record only on the edges and gently place it onto the turntable. Softly handle the record player to find your favorite tune. And then, reclining yourself into the sweet spot where the music sounds magnificent. While enjoying the sound one likes to look at the printed artwork on the cover. It just feels good to hold onto something tangible, something digital content just can’t provide.

You would think progress would never allow such a comeback. But here we are, yearning for the vintage. I can’t offer any explanation why, other than the fact we might be tired of all the digital noise. Or maybe a longing for a time more personal, slow and thoughtful.

Business cards are undergoing a similar transformation. Despite an array of contact programs we still prefer to have something physical in our hands. I think this will be a trend way into the future. Print has experienced a sort of rebirth. Analogous to the digital noise we were inundated with printed content in the past. We believed print would be replaced entirely by digital media. It's an entirely different world now. Today however, it is important to spend your print dollar wisely. Good design is paramount. Like a giant candy store we have at our disposal full color, smooth paper and glossy coating to attract your potential client.

One thing for sure, we humans love to touch. We also judge unconsciously or deliberately. Holding in your hands a well-designed business card, postcard or printed sales brochure has impact. An impact a digital contact can’t provide. Sure, some of your printed matter will make its way to the trash. But think of it as an investment into advertising. Are you aware of how much Google’s pay per click costs? A competitive keyword can easily cost $10+, per click! The days of cheap internet advertising is long gone. Depending on your business be prepared to invest a sizeable portion of your budget.

Undeniably, printed matter is relevant again. The immediacy of great design on print makes it ideal for your marketing needs. The colorful printed record sleeves provide visual cues to the buyer. It’s all about attracting your eye balls and curiosity. Similarly, a well-designed business card attracts attention.


Barnes & Noble, One of the authors favorite book store, next to Books & Books (Miami). Interestingly, The CD section is smaller than the Vinyl records by a large margin.


Record players at a very afordable price.


The vinyl record section is larger than the CD section. A reverse trend from back in the eighties when CD's had their debut. Vinyl or CD, I love the colorful printed sleeves. Like little pieces of art all on their own.



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