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Coldwell Banker business cards

  • Full color both sides
  • Free Shipping
  • Free designs
  • Premium 16pt heavy paper
  • Includes UV (gloss) coating if desired
  • Easy to use online designer
  • Latest design standards
As low as $31.00
includes full color both sides and
Lower 48 states
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Our growing collection

We are constantly adding new designs. Check back frequently or drop us a line if you have a request or suggestion.

Full stop services

With highly skilled designers on staff we are prepared to help you design your promotion pieces, on time! We pay particular attention to a consistent and professional look. Stop waisting your money by piece-mealing from different uncertain sources.

New and rebranded Coldwell Banker logo

Coldwell Banker updated its logo to a more modern look. Real estate agents can now use this design and customize it.

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Downtown real estate broker

Whether commercial or residential this design works great for you.

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Coldwell Banker Realtor

A clear and contrasting business card template

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Residential housing

A distinct design with an elegant look

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Coldwell Banker Affiliate

Making dreams come true, a message that’s powerful and on every home buyers mind

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A very modern design with the silhouette of downtown

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Roof Lines

Clean lines create a design that speaks for itself. Sweeping roof lines divide pertinent information.

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Clean and corporate

A clean and to the point design. Contrasting colors to divide important information.

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A business card for the commercial or residential real estate agent.

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Give it some love!

Business cards are a basic marketing tool no real estate agent can be without. It is also the least costly expense when doing business. The impact however is great. A flimsy badly designed realty business card speaks volumes. Give it some love and you will reap the benefits.
Not a Realtor? We have a lot of free designs for you. All of them are designed by us and nowhere else available.
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How To Order

Pick one of our templates from our expanding selection. Once at the Online Designer you can make simple quick changes or modify to your hearts desire. If you have a design you can upload it as well.

Click the [Review & Purchase] button. You will see pricing for paper selection and quantity. You will also see a preview of your new design. You can also save your design and purchase at a later date. Don't worry about hidden costs! Full color on both sides, glossy or matte and free shipping are all included! So what are you waiting for?

We are passionate designers and love to help realtors to reach their potential. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. For a low nominal fee you can also hire us to design your special project. We are right here in the USA, ready for you.

How much?

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  • Full color BOTH sides
  • 16pt. heavy paper
  • UV (gloss) covering
Quantity Price
100Only $31.00
250Only $39.00
500Only $49.00
1000Only $69.00
2500Only $113.00
5000Only $149.00Current special normally $169
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Background removal for printing

Background removal for your Coldwell Banker business card

We can remove the background of your photo for only $20
For best results have your photo taken against a white background if you plan to use it against a light background. Vice versa for dark backgrounds.
You can upload, email or include your photo in your design.

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Coldwell Banker business cards – making connections

Coldwell Banker has been finding happy homes for clients since 1906, making it the oldest and most established residential real estate franchise system in North America. With more than 3,000 offices in over 45 countries, Coldwell Banker has seen success overseas as well. Over a century later, Coldwell Banker real estate is continuously helping clients find the home of their dreams.

In an industry that sees changes constantly, Coldwell Banker has proven to be stronger than ever. Weathering through economic recessions, depressions and even wars, Coldwell Banker has established that nothing will stop it from guiding its clients through the journey of finding the perfect place to call home.

For Coldwell Banker real estate agents and Realtors®, flaunting their affiliation with such a successful and globally recognizable brand can give them a head start on their competition. After all, no one does real estate quite like Coldwell Banker. Business cards are a subtle yet useful way to let people know you work for one of the top real estate franchises in the world.

When you work in a market that is ever-changing, it’s important to have some constants within your business to remind partners and clients that you’ll be there for them no matter what. When you meet with new or returning clients during a time when the real estate market may be on the decline, it could be comforting for those clients to know that your business is still standing tall. Working with a familiar face may also make them more comfortable with entrusting their real estate needs with you rather than a competitor. The best way to do this is to make them feel like they already know you before they pick up the phone to set up a meeting.

Business cards are one way to introduce yourself without seeming too pushy or salesy; handing them out to potential clients is a delicate way to persuade them to reach out if they need your help. PrintElf’s exclusive Coldwell Banker business card are designed for this purpose and more.

PrintElf’s free business card templates are customizable to suit every real estate agent’s or Realtor®’s needs. Browse our collection of designs that fall within Coldwell Banker company guidelines. Choose your layout, add a headshot, photos of your listings, and play around with other personalization options.

Are you looking to take your business to the next level or looking for something you don’t see?PrintElf’s professional designers are on-hand to make sure your all of your business’s promotional print needs are fulfilled and exceeded. Browse through our selections of posters, stationery, stickers, brochures and more to see how your business can shine inside and out.

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