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A client told me the following story. I once encountered an elegant gentlemen at a corporate event. His demeanor was classy and I enjoyed our engaging conversation. I felt we connected as our exchange found a common ground. Then however, a young lady taped him on his shoulder, and she was about to whisk him away to an appointment. Before he left he pulled a flat immaculate polished silver case out of his pocket. He unfolded the casing which revealed tidally arranged corporate business cards. I was stunned since I have never seen such a beautiful business card casing. His well-manicured fingers pulled a card with the grace of a magician and he handed it to me. Admittedly I felt a bit intimidated to hand him my business card. To make a long story short, it turns out he is the CEO of a major corporation. But, what was burnt into my conscious was the sheer act of presenting a business card. This was a stellar first impression. After this encounter I set out to have the best looking, clean full color business card possible. I think it served me well over the years. Thank you PrintElf for making it happen!


corporate business card



Your image

modern well designed corporate business card is like the curb appeal to your house. Keep it clean and uncluttered. The focus needs to be on the essential.


Customizable corporate business cards

Companies large and small hire new staff. There is always a need for new business cards to be printed. Our online designer is well suited for such situations. Once the basic design is established all you need to do is adapt text and/or photo to your new staff member. You can easily save and later retrieve. This is a tremendous cost and time saver. We keep the designs on file for you not only for business cards but also any of your marketing material you order from us.


Keep your corporate brand consistent

It sounds obvious but many clients deviate from this obvious fact. Carry the same look across all your corporate image. This includes your full color business cards, logo, power point presentation, letterhead, videos and any marketing material.



Present yourself

Don’t hand out your business card like a busy bee. It cheapens your image. Make the other person feel special. Follow a bit the “Japanese business etiquette”. In Japanese business etiquette, corporate business cards are a “must have”. Never flick, throw, slide, lob or otherwise push your corporate business card. Make sure your cards are not bent or smudged. Don’t hand out a stack of cards and ask the receiving party to pass them on. That is considered rude and nobody will follow your suggestion anyway. In fact, you just lost a potential client. And last but not least be proud of your company. To skimp on a corporate business card is by far the worst mistake. Your initial image and encounter is paramount to your success. Please peruse our many free designs or feel free to contact us for a custom corporate look. I guarantee you, such an investment is worth every penny. Why not have a look at some of our corporate business card templates?



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