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Ever since money appeared as a form of paying for products or services, people tried to find creative ways to print money on their own. But is there a way to print money for yourself? Well read on and you be the judge if you are up to the challenge.


printing money

Unfortunately, there’s no single formula that would help you reach success in this venture. But obviously, this didn’t stop anyone from trying!

This is exactly why counterfeiting appeared during the 19th century. In fact, this is one of the oldest crimes in America. There were around 1600 state banks at that time and each one had a different printing press and design. Obviously, it was very hard to find the differences between the counterfeit and real money but there were some obvious traits that did make the counterfeits stand out.

The change to a single national currency didn’t improve the situation, in fact it worsened. But each time the counterfeit money started to get close to the real deal, the government made some changes to its strategy. From implementing sharp edges and fine lines to giving the ink a raised appearance.

Other changes included the implementation of colors which made a major difference. Reproducing and printing the delicate shades proved to be very difficult.

Ever so ingenious, the US government started to integrate a security thread. Even today this feature is implemented. In fact, most of the notes that you can find on the market aside from the $1 and $2 ones have this feature.

Crafty criminals resorted to micro printing which proofed to be extremely challenging. In fact, there is no copier on the market to reproduce the high level of details required. Additionally, special patterns, watermarks and hidden features make it nearly impossible to surmount the challenge of printing money.

Now, I don’t have to tell you that printing money is illegal. But, not all is lost in your quest for financial fortune. I think, printing great marketing material will pay off in prosperity for you. A well designed and printed business card will open doors for you. Combine that with an informative tri-folds, postcards and stationery to look well prepared. Our products are produced on million dollar offset printing machines. Incidentally, they are not suitable for money printing. The paper passed through four rollers to lay down cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Tiny dots are deposited in a fine pattern making full color printing possible. Money on the other hand is printed utilizing specially engraved printing plates.

So you see dear reader, if you made it this far reading about printing, you have proofed to be a determined person. And I think determination is the key ingredient in every successful individual.


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