Common print mistakes to avoid

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Printing as the last item on the list


Too often people leave a print job for the last minute. An afterthought, something that needs to be done, but is time consuming. Maybe it’s also the fear of mistakes creeping into the final print. Misspelled text, badly aligned graphics, and missing elements.


No use of Checklist


Use our print checklist as a guide:

  • The final print document needs to be CMYK mode. You can watch our help videos for more information.
  • All graphics need to be 300dpi
  • Make sure there is at least 1/8 bleed
  • Triple check spelling
  • In the case of a folded print job such as trifolds make sure all panels are facing in the correct direction. If you are not sure, print a mockup on your desktop printer. Watch our video for more info.


Printing a UV (gloss coating) on the address side


This applies mostly to postcards and flyers. Many times you will wish to mail a few postcards by hand writing the recipient’s address. Ballpoint pen doesn’t work well and many labels don’t apply well if the card is UV coated.


Not saving content at the highest resolution


When saving your final art use the least compression. This will create a larger file but finer details.


Assuming what you see is what you get


Colors shift, It’s the nature of the business. Your monitor will display colors differently than ours. We use calibrated devices to closely match colors. There are many variables to affect colors.  These factors include the age of your monitor, the brand, the ambient light, and so on. However, there is one consolation - humans cannot closely remember color shades. Did you ever buy paint at your local hardware store only to realize the shade is completely off?


Design errors


Don't assume the printing company will catch mistakes for you. Indeed we have frequently pointed out mistakes, but ultimately the printer is not responsible for misspelling or other design mistakes.



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