What does print and Bill Gates have in common?

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What does print have to do with Bill Gates? You’ll need to prepare in a world where increased automation will replace human jobs. Bill Gates advises college graduates on today’s most promising careers. Artificial intelligence are poised to make a big impact. But what about those that can’t afford the immense tuition? More and more people will be forced to start their own business since menial jobs will be replaced by robots. We see it happening all over the world. Jobs are shipped to the lowest wage country and people are hired part time only to increase the employer’s bottom line. Repetitive jobs are replaced with automation. 

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But not all is gloomy. Professions that provide services and goods a robot can’t produce will be in high demand. Think of elderly care, carpenter, electrician, florist to name a few. Not only can you make a decent living with such a profession but be happy and fulfilled. But, in order to reach your goals you need to be well prepared. Every business starts with a solid business plan, even a one pager will do. Secondly a good name and third a good look. That is where we can help you. At a bare minimum you need properly designed business cards with a logo to match your endeavor. Peruse our designs and feel free to change, move, insert and edit. Think of it as your most important sales person. 

You make an everlasting first impression but your business card will speak for you long after the first meeting. It’s so obvious that sometimes we forget about it. Still, did you ever get a wrinkled shabby looking business card? Well, that impression is also everlasting, in a negative way. It’s also the wrong place to nickel and dime. The business card expense pails compared to all the other expenses you’ll encounter to run your enterprise. 



7 tips to drive business results


Stay consistent with your design. Repeat the same color scheme throughout. Treat your corporate look as an integral part of your marketing.


Advertise online, direct mail and door to door. Door hangers are an old favorite. You can be sure your target audience will “touch” your marketing material. Also, give EDDM postcards (every door direct mail) a try. It’s a simple system. Select the desired target zip codes and you are presented with an immediate mailing cost. All you’ll need to do is design (or have designed) your flyers and drop it off at the post office. This is a very cost effective approach.


Don’t forget your vehicle. Surely this does not work for every profession. But a printed car magnet will assure lots of exposure. Statistically the back of your truck is the most exposed side of the car. But, don’t neglect the side which are mostly exposed when parked


Pick an online printing service you can trust. Make sure their designs are contemporary and unique. You want to be able to talk to an expert when you need some help.


Surround yourself with people you can trust. “Think of others, especially the less fortunate, people who challenge you, teach you, and push you to be your best self.” These are Bill Gates words.


Love what you do. I think in order to succeed you need to have passion. A carpenter should love the smell of wood. A jeweler the radiant colors of gems. A programmer the elegant solution to complex problem.


Don’t copy the competition. It’s so easy to take queue from your peers. Go a bit out of the comfort zone. As far as design, look for a fresh color scheme and matching logo. The other day I spotted a gardener with a big hot pink truck and white lettering. Cool! He broke the norm and now I even remember him as I write this.


What is the takeaway? 

We are in a rapid changing world where one needs to adapt and re-calibrate. Opportunities are abound. Make it easier on yourself with the proper tools. Some spend fortunes on cell phones and skimp on business cards, which is hardly wise. Your corporate look is the face of your business and speaks about you. Heed Bill Gates words. If you are not a tech person work in a prosperous field where robots cannot replace you. There was a trend where advertising and marketing moved to the internet. This however has changed over the last year. Look at Amazon purchasing Whole foods. A digital only company buying a brick and mortar company. While some predicted the humble business card will make way to digital records, this has not happened. As humans we like the tactile feeling of paper. Printed matter is also more persistent.  You keep it in your pocket, desk, briefcase, fridge, you name it. Pick an online printing service that has a fast efficient online designer with great modern designs. Because good design translates into good communication. I also suggest to print on 16pt paper. This is the perfect thickness, not thin and not too heavy. Conversely, a stack of thick cards will make a much larger pile for the same count of thinner cards.  But use them if you are not planning on bringing lots of cards with you. Plastic is another alternative. No matter what, be sure to make an ever lasting impression with a business card you can be proud of.

Good luck in all you endeavors.


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