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Today’s printing choices are far wider than a decade ago. Brick and mortar is making way to online printing services. But, is it all glitz or are there any shortcomings? Let’s find out.

Online Printing Services

24 Hours service

The first and most obvious is instant access to information and services. No longer are you required to drive to your printer. Any online printing service that offers templates and an online designer allows the client to order his/her business cards from the comfort of their office or home. It really boils down to instant gratification, and a huge time and money saver.



Yes, price is a definite driving factor. Although I don’t think you can compare apples with oranges. A brick and mortar printing company has tremendous overhead which is offset by the personal touch. In some cases it might be advantageous to meet face to face. But, in most cases a phone call or email can solve any concern or question.
When price shopping make sure you are not nickel and dimed. Many online printing companies try to up sale by tagging on services and features. Look for an honest and upfront printer where the final price is clear. Preferably you want free shipping included as some printers charge exuberant fees to offset for “cheap business cards”. Also, so called “free business cards” are usually just a marketing ploy. Don’t forget, there is no free lunch, ever.



It is very easy to insert an uploaded image into your design. You don’t like what you just did? Simply erase, edit or start over. You can also save your designs for later edit or presentation to you peers. A design can also be saved with a different name. This allows to create one master design and use it for all your employees. Online printing services are designed for flexibility. PrintElf UV coats (gloss) front and/or back at no extra charge. Most designs including photos look better coated. The colors pop and UV protects the paper from smudges. Other choices include plastic business cards and spot UV (selective gloss coating).


Access to high end printing equipment

Full color printing requires expensive high end machinery. From digital short run machines to full blown German made Heidelberg offset printing Druckmaschinen (printing machines in German). Most local brick and mortar printers cannot afford such an expense unless they have the volume to justify the investment. Another advantage of high end equipment is consistency of colors. Pick online printing service that can supply a color chart. It simply gives you the ability to predict what a color will look like. As you might know, colors shift from computer to final print. A vivid red on your computer screen might turn into a muddy brown on your final printed paper. Utilizing a color chart will guide the designer by picking the correct CMYK values.
As a general rule, for cheaper printing and small quantities high end digital presses are used. For such runs no setup fee is associated. Likewise, large quantities justify to be printed on high end offset printing equipment. There however a time consuming setup is required. The advantage? Higher print speed and huge quantities may be printed with declining cost (the higher the quantity the lower the per piece cost).


Access to professional designs

Good design can be expensive when hiring a pro. Properly designed business cards for example require time and expertise. Access to well-designed logos and templates is a major plus for the person looking for an inexpensive way to get started. Sometimes however you need a custom design, may it be a logo or a postcard for your new real estate listing? Make sure your online printing service is well rounded and can adapt to such a tasks. In any case, make sure your final printed material looks professional. Don’t waste your money on poorly and unprofessional designs. Consider your online printing services as an integral part of your business.



Access to an easy to use online designer

Having the choice to pick a pre designed template and simply modify it is tremendously advantageous. An online designer allows you to select from a vast repository of business card templates and modify them to your needs. In some cases all you’ll need to do is change the contact information fields. For a personal touch you can even upload a photo of yourself. Likewise you may upload your logo and insert it to match the rest of the design. Another advantage is the ability to save your business card design, or save different versions. Such saved designs may be accessed at a later time and finally submitted to online print.  Keep all your employees business cards at one easily accessible place. Adding a new person to the team? No problem, simply pick an existing business card design, change the contact information and save with the new person’s name.


Great customer care

Most Online printing services have a support team in place. You can contact them via phone, messaging or email. Customer care is taken very seriously as it is the direct contact with the client. Hence, highly knowledgeable personnel is paramount to a company such as PrintElf. They have some of the most talented staff in the industry. You can potentially save lots of money with the right advice. Case in point? Some clients design unintentionally beyond the cutting line. PrintElf will contact the client to make sure this is his/her intent and assist with corrective measures.


Final words

Online printing services are the future. The cost savings along with the swift way of doing business is reason enough to switch. Granted, you also loose a bit of that personal touch. No longer will you meet face-to-face with your printer. For good or worse these are the signs of our time.  I purchased a new camera the other day. Interestingly enough I did not even consider to drive over to our local camera store. I researched online and made the purchase right on the spot.



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