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Arguably, the world’s largest art event is Art Basel. As November descends on us, the heat is rising in Miami. No, not the temperature but the sheer excitement for art and design lovers abound. Venues surrounding Art Basel are sprouting like fresh mushrooms. Context, Miami River Art,  Design District, Miami Art Week, South Beach, Pulse Miami Beach, Spectrum Miami, just to name a few. One’s head is spinning when deciding which event to attend. Why, you ask? They are all great! A time when the magic city is living up to its name. Of course, there is also a flipside… the traffic is brutal. Plan on spending twice the normal commute time. And, if you are flying in from out of town, be prepared to pay exuberant hotel prices. But it’s all worth it. As you slide back into your daily routine your ears keep on humming. Your brain just received a jolt of creativity. Your enthusiasm for design and art lingers with a sweet aftertaste. Oh, and speaking of taste, your pallets are treated to some of the most amazing foods here in Miami. Eager chefs try to outdo each other with culinary virtuosity. Watch the video here on YouTube



Now, what does all this have to do with print? A lot! I look at it as a multi-faceted treat. On one hand you’ll see the latest and greatest in print design and where it’s heading, and, on the other you get a creative charge. Art is also a business, a big business. The way galleries present themselves is very crucial. They employ top designers to show superb art in its best light. We are proud to print for some of the galleries. Brochures, business cards and postcards which are handed out to visitors. While at Art Basel Miami we headed over to the Design Miami pavilion. The main sponsor was Audi which handed us a tote with a full color brochure. It looked more like a book, printed on heavy smooth matte paper. Page for page is a delight and makes you want to buy an Audi. We also got to see exquisite jewelry and furniture from around the world and, of course, Miami.

Art Basel has its origin in Switzerland and shows the works of established and emerging artists. The shows are hosted in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami Beach. It started in 1970 by Basel gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Balz Hill. Wynwood Art District is the newly added location and features mostly local Miami artist. Soon PrintElf will venture over there and bring you exclusive footage from the vibrant area. I remember the times when it was not save to visit Wynwood. Now, the sprawling neighborhood makes way to some of the most creative art galleries and venues. When visiting Miami head over there for huge graffiti art, great food or just people watching.

In conclusion, art is truly the elixir of life. When designing for print tap into the deep well of art around us. Get inspired and create something new and surprising. Use our online designer to help you get started with your corporate business cards.


We would like to thank UBS  and MCH Group for sponsoring our admissions.


Context... a must see event


Watch the video we shot just for this occasion.



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