5 tips to get your graphic juices going

Posted By PrintElf


Inspiration isn't something you can force.  In fact, the more you overthink, the worse your ideas will become. Don't think through your design methodically, just go with the flow, your instincts, and discard plans. Don’t overcook a particular idea. Sometimes we are just too tired and need to wait until next day for our elusive epiphany.


Open a dictionary and dart your finger at the first random word. Repeat until you feel comfortable with what you find.  Now, use that word as a spark for your creative journey. Let’s try… plaything… hmm… ballistic, autopilot, nectar, bite, bloodthirsty! I bet your head movie is playing already.


Music is a sweet elixir for your creativity. It works wonders for me. Listen to whatever floats your boat in that particular moment..



Let ideas blossom by looking at something unrelated. For instance, browse architectural or related magazines to discover elements that you may apply for your annual report project or trifold. Have a look at the work of Zaha Hadid for example. Observe the wonderfully flowing lines and be inspired. An oblique designed window may form an outline for your flowing text container.


Another great tool to hone your creativity is your camera. Make it a habit to snap anything that tickles your design instinct. Most likely you carry a smart phone around. So use it and move your idea sparks into a special folder.


Watch for design patterns on a stucco wall, in the clouds or in your bubble bath. Discover a pattern that’s suitable for your next graphics project.


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