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Back of card
Uber business card back in full color
As an example, advertise your profession, service or anything you would like to pass along.
Latest addition for UBER and LYFT drivers
We just added this beautiful promo business card. Allow your clients to quickly get access to your promo codes. As always, we give you a choice of UV coating (gloss) on the front and/or back at no extra charge. We love the glossy look. It makes the colors pop.

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Customize and purchase
Now that Uber has introduced Uber Eats, why not maximize your business? Are you hungry? Well, we are at least three times a day.

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Do you drive for Uber and Lyft?
Why not combine your information into one beautiful business card? It's easy with our online designer. You can also incorporate any photo of your liking. Just upload, size and position. It makes perfect business sense. You look professional, prepared and ready for repeat business. You have a side business? Why not add that information on the back of the card. Or list appropriate promo codes to encourage clients to use your service. Printed on heavy paper, matte or glossy at the same price, and, shipping is included.

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Our latest Uber Lyft combined design
A clever design that combines Uber and Lyft into one business card. We keep on designing so you look professional. And, designs are free of cost.

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Uber and Lyft combined
A clear and clean template design combining Uber and Lyft. Modify or combine with other designs. It’s simple with our online designer.

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Uber Lyft with rating reminder and tip
We designed this Uber/Lyft business card to be straight forward. Meet your financial objectives by asking your clients for a five start rating and a tip, in a subtle way. We used to tip the taxi driver, why should you not be tipped? And, taxi rides used to be an unpleasant experience. You on the other hand pamper your clients. Hand this business card the moment your next passengers enters your car. Customize the card to your needs. As always, all graphics are created by us and cant be found anywhere else.

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Five star rating for uber or lyft driver
Uber Lyft Uzurv with rating reminder and tip
All the top services packed into one neat business card. The latest addition, the Uzurv reservation service. Why not maximize your earning potential? Sign up to get the appropriate promo codes, then update your personal concierge (business card). As always, you can customize any design by adding or removing content. On the back we added the five star rating request along with the tipping hint (if you don’t ask for it, you might not get it).

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UZURV your reservation your choice
Uber and Lyft driver combined
Customize our designs to your liking. This business card makes you look professional and, your clients remember you. Everybody wins!

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An elegant design. Use the back for your promo code.

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The classic design
Some prefer the old, or should we say classic Uber logo. We think no matter what, this design is beautiful and recognizable. Ask your clients to rate you in a subtle way by handing out this business card.

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The modern design
A must have in your marketing bag. Use the back of the card to add a promo code. Or, why not upload a photo?

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You are smart!

You work hard for a living. Make it your mission to maximize your efforts. While you UBER drive, why not represent your side business. At one time or another most of us have taken an UBER ride. It is a far more superior experience over a taxi ride. Conversations take place, and connections are made. If you don't have a side business, why not become a representative for a business or a service.
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Go directly to the UBER business card template. Once at the Online Designer you can make simple quick changes or modify to your hearts desire.

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