How to apply a spot UV for print

Why spot UV

Spot UV is a selectively applied glossy coating. In other words only part of the paper is covered. You can use it to highlight important parts of the design or give it a float appearance (check video for such an effect). Get creative and use this wonderful design technique to your advantage. The included files can be opened with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

Grab the free business card design by downloading the zip file

Download the ZIP file

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Spot file preparation

All spot files must be supplied as JPG. The area you would like to cover with UV must be 100k (black).

Below please note the black an white image you'll need to supply. That file will tell us where to print the Spot UV

business card sample business card sample with Spot UV

What is spot UV

Spot UV is a process where UV light is used to “cure” a varnish that is applied to paper or cardstock. It is often applied to coat color-printed paper products, sealing in their color, adding shine, and protecting the printed surface underneath from moisture, smudge and other types of damage. The UV coating process is minimally volatile, therefore little to none of the varnish escapes as a gas into the atmosphere. Therefore it is an environmentally save process and goes right along with our aim to make a small footprint on our planet.

Silk laminated with Spot UV

This is a very rich feeling product we offer, and our customers agree. For business cards we start with a base of silk laminate over the full color print. At this point the card feels smooth and thicker because the laminate is basically a thin chemically bonded plastic film. This film also helps the card to become tear-proof and water resistant. Adding to this wonderful looking base a Spot UV really makes you stand out from other business people.

business card with Spot UV applied
Quick tip: for the best possible results, we recommend a Rich Black value of C=60, M=40, Y=40, K=100 for UV Coated and Silk Laminated products. For matte and uncoated products, we suggest a Rich Black value of C=40, M=40, Y=20, K=100