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What is a QR code?

A QR (Quick Response) code is similar to a barcode. However, the QR code can hold a lot more information, ranging from a simple message, website link (URL) to your vCard. A vCard (virtual business card) selectively contains all your contact information including name, title, address and lots more, even your website, if you wish.

QR code for text

Why use a QR code?

Enjoy multiple advantages such as:
  • A client may visit your website by simply scanning your code.
  • You are free to add text. How about listing all your services which would otherwise not fit onto your printed piece?
  • Create a vCard. Your virtual business card to include all your contact information. The client may scan your vCard and save it to her/his cell phone.
  • How about a link directly to your social media page?

How to create a QR code for print?

Create your QR code by first deciding what it should contain. Click the type of code, such as text, Website/link/URL or vCard. The appropriate boxes will be presented for you to complete. To finally create your code simply click the [Generate QR code] button. It’s a good idea to test the resulting image directly from the computer screen. If you don’t already have a scanning app there are many free to download. If you are content with the result click the [Download the QR code] button. Now you can use the provided image in any of your marketing material from business cards to brochures.

Future proofing

We truly believe business cards will be a marketing staple for a very long time to come. Introducing a QR code to your business card assures future proofing. Some business people might prefer the traditional business card while a more tech savvy generation will appreciate the convenience of the code. In any case why not make it convenient for both to find you.

vCard advantages

vCards (virtual business cards) allow your contact information to be scanned and imported into a contact program such as Outlook. This certainly beats having to manually type all your information. There is also a 70% higher chance your contact will make its way into your potential clients contact base.

How to scan a QR code

QR codes are scanned with your cell phone. There are also industrial dedicated scanners which we don’t need. Download one of the numerous free apps. For Android we found free “QR Code Reader” works well and has no advertising. iOS with Chrome browser now includes a QR scanner. Multiple free readers may be download for all cell phone operating systems. Simply click the app and make sure to align the QR code you see in the display. Usually a beep will confirm a successful scan. Confirm the action you would like to take, such as save a vCard, follow a weblink, read text etc. That's it! Simple and straight forward.

How to add a QR code to your business card

For the sake of this short tutorial let’s assume you would like to add a web link QR code to your business card.
QR code for text
Select Website from the radio button and enter your Sites URL into the text box.
QR code for text
Click download. A copy of the graphic will be saved to your local download folder . Either transfer the file to a directory of your choice or leave in the default download folder.
QR code for text
Select a design for QR code
Select one of our free business card designs.
You prefer to start from scratch? Select this blank canvas (click on customize this design) and then upload your logo and designs.
QR code for text
Click the add image button on the top right. This will allow you to upload images such as the QR code you created previously.
QR code for text
Click the [BACK] button first if you prefer the uploaded image on the back of the business card.
QR code for text
Select a design for QR code
Select the file you saved in step 2. Upload should start immediately. The image will be placed into your design, ready to be resized and positioned.
QR code for text
Hover with your mouse over the just uploaded QR image. To the right you will see a four-arrow icon. Click and drag this icon to resize the QR code. Be careful however not to minimize the image too small or it will become more difficult to read the code. If you can’t see the four-arrow icon you most likely moved the image too far off the right where its invisible while out of frame.
QR code for text
Why not add some descriptive text such as “Scan code to view my latest blog” or “Scan code for current listings”.
Select a design for QR code
Test your QR code. Do not scan from close proximity to the computer screen rather from approx. 2 feet distance. You want to simulate the size of the finished product to make sure your clients will make a successful scan.

And that’s it. Don’t forget to save your design frequently while working on it.

QR code suggestions:

Realtors should take advantage of this wonderful technology. Considering the low cost of short runs, why not print 100 (or more if required) business cards for a particularly interesting listing? Print your contact information along with a photo of the property. On the back display the scannable QR link to all the pertinent information you keep online. Imagine the convenience for the client. One of the biggest time waist entails supplying pertinent information and showing of properties to clients, only to be turned down. A client armed with all the facts in advance might not waist his/her and your time. Sometimes little facts like association fees turn off a client after you took your precious time to show the property.

You are a beautician? Well, maybe you have a Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram account where you would like to showcase your latest creations. It’s the way business is conducted today. A QR Code enables instant access to your social medias. Stay in contact with your clients even when you change working locations. Surprisingly many hard-working professionals don’t take advantage of these wonderful money generating tools. What’s the cost of investment? Astoundingly little. And all it takes is a bit of time on your part to ensure continuity in your revenue stream.

You are a tech guy? A business card is still the way to present yourself. Contrary to some believers, the business card is still the proper way to introduce your company. Imagine a potential customer asks you for your business card. What are you going to respond? I don’t believe in them? Conversely, assume you present yourself with a business card you printed out on an inject printer. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and you know the answer. Now imagine, a well-designed business card with a vCard QR code. It’s all about making connections and showing the other person you care.

Has any mechanic every handed you a business card with a QR code? If you read this, and you are a mechanic you have discovered a niche. Why not tell your clients in a subtle way you are cutting edge? After all you are a professional with advanced computer diagnostic hardware and the knowledge to control it. Use it to print your vCard (virtual business card) and let you clients conveniently import (such as outlook) your contact. Or how about a link to your custom work you published on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Everybody has a smart phone nowadays. The QR scanner is free and waiting to instantly whisk over to your coveted images.

History of QR code

QR codes were initially developed for the automotive industry in Japan. In 1994 the Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave incorporated released the standard for its manufacturing process to track parts and vehicles. Toyota generously released the standard without any restrictions. A rarity in today’s time where companies insist on intellectual properties and fierce fully protect their inventions. QR codes are very fast at reading data, hence the name derived from Quick Response.


The two-dimensional QR code can hold about 4000 characters. The more content the denser the squares get. All the way to the point where a scanner (your cell phone) will no longer be able to read the code. Be aware of the limitation, especially when the image needs to be reduces in size to fit onto a business card. Hence, less content will make the code more legible. As always it is imperative to test your QR thoroughly, especially when printing large quantities.


There are no restrictions for QR codes generated on this site. Use it for your personal or business projects. Note that the word “QR Code” is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED. For more detail click here.
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