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deleteMatt/Dull finish or Gloss front and or back (select above). Full color on both sides
250, 16pt, 2" x 3.5"
$ 36.00$ 0.00$ 36.00
Grand Total$ 36.00

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Background removal for printing

Background removal

We can remove the background of your photo for only $20
For best results have your photo taken against a white background if you plan to use it against a light background. Vice versa for dark backgrounds.
You can upload, email or include your photo in your design.

Buy Now ($20)

Need a designer?

Sometimes you are just too busy designing your own look. Why not hire us? You supply your logo, text (in digital format) and photos along with an idea what you have in mind. Heck, you can even send us a photo of your proverbial napkin doodle. In turn we will create a business card design for you. 1 hour should be enough time. If we need more we'll contact you (yes, some clients have extravagant ideas).
We'll send you a digital proof of our work with one revisions. Money well spent when you want that professional look.

Buy Now, 1 professional design hour ($75)
Print design